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ALTUS-WRX is your catalyst for success, offering expert mentorship and a robust network for businesses entering the US

From granting access to vital resources to fostering crucial connections, we empower your expansion within the US market. Irrespective of your sector — SaaS, tech, or others — our comprehensive support ensures impactful growth, guiding your seamless and strategic entry into this dynamic landscape.


Founder & CEO - Lisa Shephard

Meet Lisa Shephard, a seasoned global talent leader with over 20 ​years of empowering businesses to grow and expand. Originally ​from the UK, she has also lived in Asia and now calls Miami, ​Florida her home. Leveraging her extensive experience and ​connections in the US, Lisa ensures international business ​owners craft successful growth strategies, steering them clear ​of the costly pitfalls encountered by others.

Founder & Advisor - Neil Davies

Enter Neil Davies, a visionary in scaling high-growth enterprises. Neil's career spans the BPO & RPO domains, establishing operational footprints across EMEA, APAC, and North America. His prowess lies in devising and executing strategies for colossal corporations while also leading and driving growth for small to medium-sized businesses. Proficient in Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, HR, and Operations, Neil brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

ARE YOU Entering the US market? Our expertise tailors growth for businesses seeking establishment and expansion

I partnered with ALTUS-WRX for our U.S. go-to-market strategy,

and I'm thrilled with the results. Their tailored approach

revitalised my enthusiasm for my business.

Their excellent service comes highly recommended

for anyone considering a similar leap!

Dave Blakeman - Managing Director

RPS RoofWright (UK based business)


Strategic Market Entry Analysis

Detailing US market strategy crafted for your product. Deep analysis via 2-3 sessions for success pathways in the US.

Competitor Landscape Assessment

Your key to understanding competitors. Our analysis uncovers strategies, guides your standout path in the market.

Tailored Go-to-Market Strategy

Crafting strategic plans, ensuring a clear US launch roadmap for funding and support.

Seamless US Launch Assistance

We assist in executing your US launch plan, ensuring a smooth transition and successful market entry.

Access to ALTUS-WRX Community

Exclusive community access to vetted partners, with concierge services. Miami operational, expansion coming soon.

Recruitment Support

We serve as a liaison with renowned local headhunting firms, facilitating your recruitment process efficiently.

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